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      home and abroad

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      wood plastic products

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      Adhere to good faith service

      Maintaining customer interests


      Guangdong Guangdong multi building decoration materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. The company mainly produces products including wood plastic hollow / solid floor, WPC/SPC lock floor, PVC ceiling gusset plate, wood wall (the Great Wall ecological special plate plate, quick wallboard, wave plate, flat plate, etc.) buckle, grille ceilings, decorative panels and other ecological wooden sound-absorbing wood products. ...

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      ADD . Foshan City, Guangdong China Minle Illo town of Nanhai District in

                 Xiqiao Industrial Zone A

      Warehouse . Guangfo Shinkansen line in Nanhai District, Foshan, 

                            Guangdong, China

      TEL . 86 0757 13500268168

      Mobile . 13500268168 13702255552

      FAX . 86 0757 88567772

      WEB . https://gdyueduo.1688.com

      Copyright of 2017 Guangdong Guangdong multi building decoration materials Co., Ltd. all rights reserved.
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